Bring your makeover home with stunning professional photographs, taken in our in-house studio.

Makeup + Mini-Shoot 

makeup session

A full makeover transformation and photoshoot with your choice of two backgrounds. The whole process lasts about two and half hours.

Includes digital copies of 10 edited photos.


Total Diva + Photoshoot 

trans makeover

A combination of the Total Immersive Diva Day package and a more extensive photoshoot. This is a six hour long day.

Includes digital copies of 50-60 edited photos.


Fantasy Photoshoot 


The professional photoshoot of your dreams. Grab an outfit from our extensive wardrobe and show yourself off in front of the camera. Amount of photos and variety of looks if up to you.

Time can range anywhere from an hour and a half to six hours, depending on your needs.

Starting at $150