Perfecting the art of being you

Become the woman you've always dreamt of with our one-on-one feminization experiences

We are Licensed & Certified Cosmetologist

The Transformation of Your Dreams Awaits

Look like the woman you've always been inside with the help of our in-house makeup and wardrobe specialists. We offer a variety of packages to help you get everything you need. 

Feminine Training

Whether you've just come out or want to learn more, our training sessions help you become an expert in all things feminine.

We offer 1-on-1 makeup lessons, voice and mannerism training, fashion tips, and more. Our experiences are a safe place for you to learn, grow, and eventually strut into the fabulous woman you were always meant to become.

Experience Packages

Have you ever dreamt of having a day out with the girls? Let's make it a reality.

Our experience packages bring you into a day or night in the fabulous life of your most feminine self. Get pampered with a day at the spa, go on a shopping spree, or do a night on the town with everything you need to feel empowered.

Welcome Home, Beautiful

When we say Everyday Beautiful, we mean every single day. Don't just feel confident in our shop, feel confident for life.

Our staff is dedicated to creating an environment that you feel safe, supported, and embraced in. We want EB to feel like your new home away from home.

Here's how we do it.

Hair and Makeup Styling

Get the makeover of your dreams from a team of on-site makeup artists and hair stylists. 

All-Inclusive Experiences

Bring your own clothes, or don't. We provide you with full outfits, wigs, padding, and press on nails. 

Professional Photoshoots

We offer photoshoots with a professional photographer to show off your new look. 

Supportive Environment

Our team isn't just here to sell you something. We want to support you through your entire journey.

Get a professional photoshoot of your elevated look.